Apogee Games

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect game development team. But Professor Apogee accidentally added an extra ingredients to the concoction - madness. Thus, The Apogee Games was born. Using their ultra-super powers, Apogee Games members dedicated their lives to make crazy games and bring smile to this world.

Apogee Games is a small independment game development group. We united in 2015 on Game Dev School where we developed our first game - Unicorn Hunter. Since then we made several games on mobile platforms - Android, iOS and Tizen. Now we want to conquer PC platform with our new game "Half-Pluszzz" where the player is fighting with the child's nightmares directly in their minds.

Eat * Sleep * Make Crazy Games * Repeat

Unicorn Hunter

When your mother needs the world's best raspberry juice and the evil unicorns had plundered the last stock of bottles, the only thing that left is revenge! Grab your shotgun, launch your motorcycle and drive in the name of justice!

You have only one target: extermination of all bad unicorns!


The harsh Times of forbidden sugar has come. All police forces are focused on chasing any kind of sweets pleasure. Even tiniest bits of chocolate has been confiscated and locked out in Fort Chocox. But few of the braves are still fighting with chocolate prohibition.

It may be also your destiny to become invincible ninja of Great Donught Clan and fight for sweet life of LA citizens. Ninjutsu Master – Letz Grao Nau – will show you the true path of the warrior. You will learn the secret techniques of Na-Sonch-Ponch and Lu-keer Naspoot. The training will make you stronger, faster and chubbier! But it’s not so simple to become a legitimate ninja.

You will face the final challenge in urban jungle – running as fast as you can, jumping higher than Italian Plumber and avoiding obstacles by your superhuman training and sweetest skills.
May the donuts keep you alive!

Apogee Games